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10 Things You'll Be Thankful For During Your Visit To Davis

While we shouldn't need a specific time of year to take a more introspective look at things, it inevitably happens around this time of year. So, let's take a look at 10 things you'll be thankful for during your visit to Davis that will leave you wanting to come back for more!

1. Community Pride & Spirit If Thursdays in the Davisphere proved anything, it is that the Davis community can and will come together - while rocking out in the process! Every week was seemingly better than the previous. We are very much looking forward to the return of this event in 2023. Davis is home to festivals and events throughout the year for all age groups to enjoy! From UC Davis Picnic Day to the Zombie Bike Parade, you’ll have a blast visiting during any event in Davis!

2. Local Craft Brews With so many options available, you'll definitely need more than a weekend in Davis to get the true feel of the local craft beer scene. Sudwerk, Three Mile, Dunloe, and Super Owl are just a few of the favorites locals and visitors flock to. Learn more about them here.

3. Davis Farmers Market This is a local standout that has consistently been voted among the nation's best farmer’s markets. The Davis Farmers Market supports local farmers, local agriculture, artisan food makers, and more in their efforts to educate and engage with the community about the importance of sustainability and locally sourced products and foods.

4. Art Scene Davis is definitely a haven for creatives. A long-established art scene consisting of different mediums has attracted artists and lovers of art for decades. Galleries, exhibits, concerts, and shows offer a cultural piece to Davis that some may not think about when planning their getaway but always remember when they decide to return!

5. Biking Capital of America As the bike capital of the US, Davis has a long and storied reputation as being one of the national leaders in bicycling, bike awareness, and biking accessibility. It is an honor to the community, past, and present. Davis continues to excel in ease of travel and promoting a smaller carbon footprint for students, visitors, and residents. Bikes are readily available for visitors who would like to ride, including at several of our local hotels!

6. Amazing Food With such a wide range of delicious and diverse food available, Davis offers a huge opportunity to enjoy some of the freshest, locally sourced foods from surrounding areas. The farm-to-fork movement is alive and well in Davis. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between (we eat dessert before dinner, right?!) Davis offers quick bites, great drinks, and opportunities for fine dining. Check out some of our favorites here.

7. UC Davis College towns have a different buzz at times. An energy that is sometimes contained to campus is allowed to flow through Davis due to the walkable nature of the town and the close proximity from downtown to campus life. The UC Davis Arboretum also stands out as one of the highlights of any visit to Davis, whether your visit is for academic reasons or not.

8. Natural Beauty There is much more natural beauty to take in than just the Arboretum. The Yolo Causeway and Yolo Basin provide a scenic backdrop to an area that is known as a state leader in agriculture. With prime farmland, along with key areas for wildlife habitats and accessible trails, Davis' natural beauty is both functional and inspiring. With amazing events like the bat talk and walks, sunflower season, and harvest season for the area's wineries, to name a few, enjoying your surroundings in Davis comes naturally.

9. Local Wine Great Bear Vineyards is a local, family-owned winery that is consistently awarded in the nation's largest and most prestigious competitions. With a focus on sustainability and protecting the local environment, Great Bear has become a source of knowledge and learning through its events and tastings throughout the year. Downtown Davis is home to Davis Wine Bar where you can find all things wine related. Davis Wine Bar is the ideal spot to shop for your favorite wine enthusiast and grab a quick bite while sampling some of the best wine available locally and globally. 10. Great Places To Stay With so many lodging options in Davis, you can always find something that will fit your needs while visiting. You're covered whether your main interest is being close to campus, free breakfast, or if you'd like a hotel with a pool. Price points are available for all budgets, and any amenity that you might think of is readily available at so many of these great locations. Throughout the year, specials are always updated to ensure you're getting the best price available to maximize your ability to enjoy as much of Davis as possible. The Thanksgiving holiday kicks off the winter holiday season in Davis and Yolo County. We have numerous events lined up for all ages, with so many of our local businesses bustling with new seasonal dishes, offerings, decor and more. We are so excited to share them with all of you! Follow Visit Davis on our various social channels and stay up to date on all the amazing experiences you can enjoy on your next visit to Davis!


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