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4 Reasons to Make Davis Your Travel Destination This Fall!

The Fall season will be here very soon and with that comes several amazing reasons to keep Davis in your plans for a place to visit. The harvest season is in full effect with our Yolo County wineries, which means amazing views with gorgeous weather and delicious pairings of food and wine. Back to school at UC Davis keeps the city bustling with activity and various events are plentiful for students, parents of students, or anyone just wanting to be around the collegiate atmosphere. Whatever your reason for visiting, we invite you to explore all we offer, stay local and eat local, and make Davis your Fall destination this year!

Fresh Press - Showcasing Yolo County Wines and Wineries

Davis wineries, like Great Bear Vineyards, are in the middle of the harvest season and that is an especially sweet time of year to visit. A visit to Yolo County to taste wine is an experience that is rooted in agricultural history. Several wineries in Yolo County are owned and operated by farming families who run various other agricultural businesses.

Days inherently become more magical just by sipping some wine but imagine enjoying a glass while taking in a stunning vineyard view. Panoramic views of rolling vineyards at sunset stand out as an idea for a great getaway. Yolo County is a wine destination that’s somewhat of a hidden gem. Be sure to explore our Tasting Pass for even greater deals. You can keep up to date with upcoming wine events and tastings here.

Travel is less expensive in the Fall

Let's face it, if it's possible to visit where you want and save some money, that's a definite bonus. Travel prices drop in the Fall, due largely to kids returning to school, and parents deciding to spend their vacation time during the Summer months. The fact is Davis is close enough for so many to take a day trip from the Bay Area or a weekend trip from Southern California and beyond. And trust us, it’s worth it. On top of prices being generally lower during the Fall, crowds are fewer, the scenery is changing and beautiful, and the weather will soon be getting milder and much more pleasant. Davis is home to 13 amazing properties to stay local and be in the heart of what Davis offers.

Davis Eats - Local Favorites and Farm-to-Fork Delights

Davis eateries and restaurants, farmers, and chefs have been a part of the farm-to-fork movement since before it really even had a name. With a longstanding tradition of being an agricultural leader in the area, Davis has some of the best farm-to-fork offerings in the state! Seasons Kitchen and Bar is a prime example, having a rotational menu that embraces California's freshest ingredients. With a wide variety of restaurants, you can find any style or taste to satisfy your cravings, from coffee to desserts, quick bites to fine dining, Davis has it all. Another staple of Davis' farm-to-fork history is its world-famous Davis Farmers Market. Open every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning to afternoon; this Downtown Davis icon brings farmers and artisans directly to you!

Festivals and Events

Festivals and events are a huge part of the Fall scene in Davis. So many of our local wineries offer events and food, and wine pairings, and our local craft brewers are also hard at work lining up entertainment and activities to go along with their award-winning craft beer.

The International Festival in Davis is back in Central Park Davis on October 2 from 11 AM-6 PM to celebrate culture and community with music and dance, delicious international foods, and arts and crafts from all over the world. You can learn more here. And don’t forget to check out the annual Discover Davis event on October 14th for games, pumpkin carving, beer, and more!

Thursdays in the Davisphere is a family-friendly event for all ages that brings community togetherness to the forefront with live music, great local food and drinks, and activities, every Thursday evening (through October 27) in Downtown Davis.

Davis thrives during the Fall months. Excellent locally sourced foods, fresh wines, and seasonal craft beers, lodging to meet any budget, proximity to numerous events and activities, vibrant downtown scene, walkability, and of course our rich history of being a biking capital, make Davis a destination not to be missed as the Summer heat recedes. Plan your getaway now, and make Davis your travel destination this Fall!


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