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5 Brunch Hot Spots in Davis

Food is a powerful thing. A necessity of course, but we can go beyond that and get into all the nooks and crannies that food encompasses. Some of my most special memories involve food. I would have to guess it's because food utilizes all of our senses. The amazing feel and scent of warm, fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies from my grandma's kitchen. The sight of a perfectly roasted turkey as a dinner table centerpiece for a family feast. The sound of bacon frying on the griddle and then the subsequent taste of perfection that comes after.

Food brings us together and comforts us! For more than 100 years, brunch has been a staple of our food experience. And why not, right? Combining two meals into one? Sign me up! For many, brunch is an excuse to sleep in a little later on the weekend, because you know the deliciousness that will be waiting for you later in the day. So let's jump into 5 Davis hotspots to grab a brunch to remember!

Cafe Bernardo, 234 D Street, Davis Whether you're craving a Bernardo Benedict or Thai Noodles, Belgian Waffles or a Grilled Salmon BLT, Avocado Toast or a Pepperoni & Mushroom Pizzetta, Cafe Bernardo has it all! Patio dining allows you to soak up a little more ambiance with your mimosa or fresh brew, or find a seat inside and get a feel for the european cafe decor and mouthwatering flavors. You'll enjoy excellent service and appreciate the location, especially if partaking in brunch after visiting the Davis Farmers Market, just a short walk away. Cafe Bernardo is on-site at the Best Western Plus Palm Court Hotel, so it doesn't get much more convenient than that for out-of-town travelers to experience a fabulous brunch right at their hotel. Don't forget to checkout their signature cupcake of the month and be sure to order the carrot cake before you leave, it's a can't miss dessert!

Delta of Venus, 122 B Street, Davis

Brunch here is currently favoring a more breakfast than lunch approach, but don't let that deter you from enjoying all that is Delta of Venus. You'll notice right away that the vibe here is what sets this place apart. An amazing downtown location with seating inside or out. You'll notice an incredible selection of local art that adorns the walls. Drinks are available, which in many cases is what makes brunch special with the amazing people you're dining with of course.

With options available for vegan and vegetarian diets, there really is something for everyone here and priced affordably for all to enjoy. At the time this is being posted, Delta is operating under a Thursday thru Sunday Brunch schedule, from 8 AM - 1 PM. Hours may change so please check for yourself before visiting. For more info about the local art scene be sure to check out the City of Davis Art Map.

Crepeville, 330 3rd Street, Davis

If variety is what you're looking for, Crepeville is the spot for you. You'll notice the amazing aroma as you stroll up and smell what’s cooking coming from the outside dining area. Crepes are king at Crepeville, but there is much more to the menu than just that. Omelets, french toast, bagels, sandwiches, pasta, scrambles, and even dessert crepes! Try a selection of coffees, espressos, and a classic brunch favorite, mimosas.

Savory or sweet served with potatoes or salad, Crepeville really offers so much of what people are searching for in their favorite brunch spot. With a prime downtown location, right across from Central Park, you'll be in the heart of the Davis shopping district, so be sure to register for the FREE Davis Savings Pass that will grant you deals and discounts on so many of Davis' offerings.

Three Ladies Cafe, 130 G Street, Davis

Three Ladies Cafe serves mostly plant-based foods. Prime local food prepared with TLC. You'll always get a sense of homemade flavors made with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients that taste amazing. TLC boasts a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options, with a robust menu that will suit almost everyone, even those that aren't so keen to try plant-based options.

Fresh smoothies, smoothie bowls, coffees, teas, and juice compliment a menu boasting excellent paninis and various sandwiches, salads, grain bowls, and breakfast delights. Eating healthy has never tasted better! A refreshing Avocado Chickpea sandwich and Mango Delight smoothie sound like a delightfully light, yet filling brunch, to me. Outdoor seating, as well as a cozy indoor seating area, makes TLC a location worth keeping in your dining rotation along with these other unique Davis options.

Cloud Forest Cafe, 222 D Street, Davis

Cloud Forest Cafe has a name that makes you think expansive, but the business itself is rooted in locally sourced ingredients and fresh, farm-to-fork ingredients with a commitment to supporting local artists and the local art scene. In fact, the signature mugs and plates used at Cloud Forest were designed by a local artist! With indoor or outdoor seating available, Cloud Forest is the perfect spot to grab a mixed berry smoothie and a Cache Creek Caliente panini while perusing downtown Davis. Two new salad options were just added to the menu, the Harvest Blue and Mediterranean Quinoa! Or if you're in the mood for a breakfast option, be sure to order their excellent avocado poached egg and a Davis Sunshine juice. As you're making your bike tour through Davis, Cloud Forest makes an excellent stop along the way to refresh and restore your energy. As a true gem in Yolo County, Davis has become a destination for people to explore and experience the types of things most often associated with larger cities. With great hotels to choose from, Davis is the perfect weekend getaway before we jump back into school and say goodbye to Summer. Diverse, locally sourced, convenient options abound for visitors and locals alike. Brunch may have been started by aristocrats in England, but we seem to have perfected it with a blend of mimosas and bacon, burgers and egg scrambles, sandwiches and waffles, coffees and smoothies, and so much more! Brunch has become a weekend staple for people to wind down, relax, enjoy the company of their friends and family, and support their local communities. So sidle up to one of these brunch spots and let your senses guide you as you create lasting memories in Davis.


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