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Davis Farm-to-Fork Eats to Feast on This Fall

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

With the harvest season in full gear, farm-to-fork eats in Davis provide a bountiful opportunity for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the best of what local farms are always providing. Farm-to-fork, or farm-to-table as it is sometimes called, simply refers to food made from locally sourced ingredients. It should be of no surprise that with the rise of the farm-to-fork movement, local farmer's markets have also seen a rise in popularity. Naturally, pairing local farmers and what they are able to produce with local consumers, allowed the farm-to-fork movement to take hold not only in homes but in their local restaurants. You don’t want to miss these Farm-to-Fork treasures in Davis this Fall.

Farmers Kitchen, 624 4th Street, Davis, CA

Farmers Kitchen is a family-owned and operated business offering artisanal, locally-sourced, gluten/casein-free food, prepared daily with farm-fresh ingredients. Vegetarian and omnivore options are available. "Bioregional" salads made with fresh local ingredients are available to be made vegan, as well as many other items on the menu.

The menu at Farmers Kitchen changes daily but may include specialty pasta, freshly baked bread, pizzas, pie crust, turkey stuffing, cookies, and much more available for purchase. Farmers Kitchen longs for the days of "real food" when food was prepared by hand and wasn't a refined, processed item that needed the aid of microwaves. Home to healthy, delicious, "home-cooked" meals using only the freshest ingredients found locally, Farmers Kitchen is worth a visit while in Davis.

Seasons Kitchen and Bar, 102 F Street, Davis, CA

Seasons Kitchen and Bar in Davis provides a fine dining experience within a casual dining setting. Sourced from local farmers and vendors, with a rotational, seasonal menu, Seasons focuses on what is available to them from the local farmers, ranchers, vintners, brewers, and bakers. Your Seasons dining experience promises to be one of upscale service and delicious local eats. Menus are subject to change based on ingredient availability, and that is one of the best parts of Seasons.

No two experiences are ever the same. Have certain dietary needs? Those dietary needs are able to be handled with ease by their culinary team, and dishes may be adjusted to suit your dietary needs. Seasons offers covered, heated outdoor dining, along with their beautifully decorated indoor seating. They're also adept at taking on private events and groups.

Davis Farmers Market, Central Park, Davis, CA

The Davis Farmers Market is open every Wednesday starting at 3 PM and every Saturday from 8 AM - 1 PM. Some additional times and locations are available throughout the year, be sure to check social channels for Davis Farmers Market for current hours.

Fall harvests include plenty of availability of pumpkins, squash, apples, sweet potatoes, and so much more. Artisanal bread, pomegranates, local honey, garlic, flowers, grapes, and corn are also abundant this time of year. Supporting local farmers and vendors is a key component of the farm-to-fork mentality and a huge reason why it has seen such a rise in popularity recently.

Leading the Way in the Farm-to-Fork Movement

These are just a couple of the restaurants in town that have embraced the farm-to-fork style. While we can’t list everyone in this blog because this style has been widely adopted by the whole area, we encourage you to check out Cafe Bernardo, Woodstock's Pizza, Three Ladies Cafe, Upper Crust Baking, and so many others leading the way with their dedication and commitment to the farm-to-fork movement.

Davis Farm to School works to increase farm fresh foods in school meals and educate on sustainability and environmental best practices. They are co-hosting a fundraising event called The Village Feast on October 16, 2022 from 12 PM - 3 PM that will celebrate the Farm-to-Fork season to its fullest, and tickets are still available to support such an important mission!

Fall in Davis is such a wonderful time to visit. Whether you fancy yourself to be a foodie, a connoisseur of fine wines, which are plentiful year-round in Davis and the surrounding Yolo County, or a craft beer enthusiast, Davis has everything you need to enjoy yourself no matter how much time you have to explore. Make Davis your destination this fall, and enjoy all that Davis and its surrounding countryside have to offer. We think you'll find we have an abundant amount of activities, events, and locally sourced, mouthwatering food to keep you satisfied!


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