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Explore Davis from A to Z

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Use our "A to Z" guide to exploring Davis as your roadmap for experiencing all there is to do and see in Davis on your next visit. Make Davis your destination, stay and soak up the vibrant arts culture, unique dining and shopping options, and participate in the activities and events that happen throughout the year.

A - Armadillo Music - Find your favorite vinyl music and more in downtown Davis at Armadillo Music.

B - Breweries - Davis is home to award-winning craft beer from several different fantastic local breweries including Sudwerk, Dunloe, Super Owl, Hooby's Brewing Farm, and Three Mile Brewing.

C - Calico Cat - Fusing art and technology, John Natsoulas has helped create more than 40 art pieces across Davis.

D - Davis Farmers Market - Be one of the 10,000 weekly visitors to our renowned farmers market where you can find what's made, grown, or raised locally in Davis.

E - Education - UC Davis is California's College Town and you'll see why when you discover all there is to do on or off campus!

F - Festivals - Take advantage of festivals held year-round, including the Whole Earth Festival, taking place this year from May 12-14th, the Holiday Tree Lighting Festival, Davis Beer Festival, the annual Picnic Day celebration and so much more!

G - Great Bear Vineyards - An award-winning, family-run vineyard that hosts many special nights and events on site of their gorgeous vineyard.

H - Hall of Fame - Davis is home to the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame, which boasts a vast collection of bikes, photographs, racing memorabilia, and much more chronicling the history of bicycling.

I - Ice Cream - No shortage of available spots to stop and grab a scoop of your favorite frozen treat in Davis. Davis Creamery, YoloBerry, The Good Scoop, Sweet & Shavery, Icekrimski Cafe, and Cultive FroYo are sure to satisfy after a day of exploring Davis.

J - Journey - Journey through Davis for a unique, charming getaway with all the offerings of larger cities and all the comforts of a small town.

K - Kid-friendly - Davis a family-friendly vacation destination with activities for all ages including the Explorit Science Center for kids

L - Lanes - Bike lanes that is! Davis was the first city to implement bike lanes and now there are over 100 miles of bike lanes or pathways for riding or walking in Davis.

M - Manetti Shrem - The only public university museum to be named one of the 25 best museum buildings of the past 100 years by ARTnews.

N - Natural Beauty - The Arboretum and Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area are prime examples of the natural beauty that exists in Davis.

O - Outdoor Activities - Whether you're biking through town, exploring the Arboretum, or wine tasting through the vineyards, Davis has outdoor entertainment options to keep you engaged and active.

P - Putah Creek Riparian Reserve - The UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve is a 640-acre natural riparian and grassland ecosystem that runs along the southern edge of the UC Davis campus.

Q - Quirky - As any great college town should be, Davis is home to some quirky and fun shops, eateries, and people!

R - Robert Arneson - UCD educator and artist whose work includes the Egghead Series, the beloved bronze sculptures scattered across campus.

S - Sustainable - Davis prides itself on being a leader in sustainability. Learn more here!

T - Thursdays in the Davisphere - An energetic, eclectic, community-centric event that is founded on the idea that people are better when they are able to be together.

U - Upper Crust Bakery - Farm-to-oven baking since 1986, Upper Crust offers unique bread and pastries, and pizza.

V - - Explore like a local and stay up to date with all events and activities in Davis by visiting our site.

W - Walkability - With a convenient downtown located close to campus, exploring Davis is just a short stroll no matter where you are going.

X - Xtreme Sports - Rocknasium, Davis' indoor rock climbing and fitness center is one of the oldest climbing gyms in the country!

Y - Yolo County - Davis sits in the heart of Yolo County, full of natural beauty and scenic adventures.

Z - Zzz's - With 13 great properties in Davis for any budget or need that you may have, you'll be able to rest comfortably after you enjoy all Davis has to offer.


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