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Following Your Senses for a Remarkable Davis Getaway

Rich in culture, agriculture, and education, Davis has something to stimulate all your senses. Taste your way through mouthwatering farm-to-fork meals, feel Davis through its commitment to the arts, savor the aroma of downtown Davis and its many restaurants and the Davis Farmers Market, hear the best and brightest as they teach and learn at UC Davis, and see the rich history of Davis and its commitment to being the thriving, environmentally conscious community that so many visitors and residents have come to cherish.

Taste Your Way Through Davis

A long-standing tradition of Davis and the surrounding Yolo County is leading the state and nation in the farm-to-fork movement. With a community grounded in agriculture, innovative farming, and local chefs and restauranteurs dedicated to providing the freshest locally sourced foods, the best seasonal ingredients are now being made available on a wider scale allowing for a more cost-friendly, sustainable, and healthy dining scene for all to enjoy. From quick bites, multiple-course meals, ice cream, and frozen yogurt, coffee and local craft beer and wines, and so much more, farm-to-fork is not just a catchphrase in Davis; it's a way of life.

Feel the Art That Davis Brings to Life The art scene in Davis is unique and drawing. The city has truly embraced supporting the arts and bringing cultural enrichment for all to see, hear, and feel. Home to the Davis Transmedia Art Walk and several art galleries, including The Artery, John Natsoulas Gallery, and Pence Gallery, there are more than 70 public pieces of art (37 sculptures) that are not just there to see or feel, but for you to interact with and learn from and about. Come to Davis to feel inspired.

Take in the Smells Around Davis

With so many dining options, your olfactory system will get a workout walking through downtown Davis. From the sweet, nutty coffee aromas that waft out of Pachamama Coffee and Mishka's Cafe to the most amazing bread smells from Upper Crust Baking, you won’t be able to resist. The scents from the crepes from Crepeville attract a line of people waiting for their chance to taste the deliciousness they smelled first. The Davis Farmers Market is the proverbial cherry on top of the cake in terms of being led by your nose. With so many fruits, veggies, flowers, and more available, you’ll love smelling the freshness of everything the Davis Farmer’s market has to offer.

Listen to the Sounds of Davis

The UC Davis campus is an amazing place to take in the sounds of Davis. The sound of tens of thousands of people can seemingly be drowned out in an instant upon entering the UC Davis Arboretum. A calm, peaceful setting allows you to hear a turtle splashing into the pond and a turkey calling through the trees. Throughout campus and around town, you’ll hear the bustle of students riding their bikes, the pedals clanging, the handlebars rattling, and backpacks swishing depending on the speed of the cruising rider. You’ll appreciate the sounds of a bustling community and the music and laughter that can be found around Davis.

Enjoy the Sights in Davis

Seeing the community come back has been a treat! The number of people visiting downtown Davis and the community bonding during Thursdays in the Davisphere and other annual events leave us very excited for their return next year. From Davis' bountiful countryside to its welcoming downtown and University campus, there is beauty to be seen in Davis. Whether you're watching a "batnado" by the Basin or enjoying the old-school neon from the Varsity Theater sign, Davis has something you'll not soon forget you saw here. A getaway to Davis is so much more than just a few days away. It is an experience, an adventure for all of your senses to take in. We can't possibly do justice to everything there is to see, hear, feel, taste and smell, but we do assure you that your senses will guide you as you explore Davis. With no shortage of lodging options for all budgets and locations, you can stay wherever it is you want to experience the most. Exploring Davis is as easy as walking from campus to downtown or hopping on a rental bike and joining the locals as they traverse the Davis Bike Loop. Make Davis your destination, your senses will thank you!


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