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Out-of-This-World Experience Invades Davis

Davis is no stranger to visitors, and our most recent visitors are delivering a close encounter for all that dare to imagine the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. The Encounters UFO Xperience exhibit is the first immersive and inclusive display of UFO legends, alien artifacts, and the paranormal. This exciting attraction opens on December 1st, allowing alien fans, UFO seekers, researchers, and the general public to enter the world of alien encounters, UFO pop culture, and real science.

Encounters UFO Xperience takes an overview of the plausibility, possibility, and pop culture of UFOs and Aliens in our world and beyond. This family-friendly interactive exhibit will conjure your curiosity, and it just might turn those with a casual interest into dedicated alien enthusiasts.

Visit the exhibit and make contact with ancient alien civilizations, the Roswell incident, Men in Black, District 9, Terminator and ET movie props, alien abduction accounts, Area 51, Bob Lazar and an interactive room with Sci-fi video games and more.

As long as you're not lost in space, you should be able to find time to visit the exhibit at University Mall. The Encounters UFO Xperience beams down in Davis until February 28, 2023. Make it an overnight visit to Davis at one of our comfortable, affordable hotels and experience all that Davis has to offer without the need to phone home.

Tickets are available online or at the Encounters exhibit and at prices that won't leave you screaming in space. $10 for adults on weekdays, $12 on weekends, and kids under 12 are half-price. Snacks and beverages are available on-site. For the holiday season, Encounters is a Toys for Tots drop site. Bring a new toy to the Encounters location between December 1 - 18 and receive one free admission to the exhibit.

While the existence of extraterrestrials is still up for debate, our region of the country is home to plenty of sightings. Have you seen something in the sky that makes you think we may not be alone? Plan a visit to the Encounters UFO Xperience in Davis and possibly get an answer to your otherworldly questions. You'll undoubtedly be entertained, and you just might unearth a resolution to one of man's greatest mysteries, determining whether or not there is intelligent life living in space.


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